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Terms and conditions

Use of Zipcores IP / License Agreement

Use of our IP Cores is strictly bound by the terms and conditions of the Zipcores IP Core License Agreement. The license is a single-site, multi-use license with a one time fee. Note that the agreement is applicable to all design data downloaded from this site including any modifications or updates. A full copy of the agreement between you (the Licensee) and us (Zipcores) may be found via the following link:

Zipcores License Agreement

Refund policy

Customers have the right to cancel an order within seven (7) days of placing the order through our site. Customers cancelling their orders will have their payment refunded in full provided that (1) The customer destroys all copies of the downloaded materials (or parts thereof) and (2) The customer sends written and signed confirmation that all copies of the downloaded materials have been destroyed. Any material downloaded from Zipcores remains the Intellectual Property of Zipcores. Once an order has been cancelled the customer agrees that the license to use these materials is made null and void.

Custom design services

The rate for our custom design service is $100/hour rounded up to the nearest hour. One days work constitutes 8 hours in total. All prices are in US dollars. Unless otherwise agreed, we will normally invoice you for work done at the end of each calendar month while work is in progress. A final bill will be issued on completion. Payment of any invoice raised is due on presentation. We will endeavour to give you an accurate estimate for custom design work when requested. However, please note that an estimate is not a fixed price.

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time. We will, however, be entitled to keep all relevant design data and documentation while there is still money owed to us.

If we have good reason, for example if you do not pay an interim bill or fail to comply with our request for payment on account, or if a conflict of interest arises, we may be forced to decide to stop working for you. Where circumstances permit, we will give you reasonable notice that we cannot continue work.

Note that any design work carried out by Zipcores as part of our custom design service is also subject to the terms and conditions of the Zipcores IP Core License Agreement. Anything (IP Core or otherwise) designed specifically by Zipcores on your behalf remains the intellectual property of Zipcores and as such may be offered for sale to a third party.