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Binary-FSK Demodulator

Binary-FSK Demodulator
BFSK demodulator architecture
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General Description

16-bit BFSK demodulator with complex or real data samples. Suitable for passband or baseband operation. Ideal for use in low cost / low power RF applications. Small implementation size. Typical symbol rates of up to 10 Mbps.

Key Design Features

- 16-bit signed input and output data samples
- Complex or real data samples
- Passband or baseband operation
- Fully programmable mark and space frequencies
- Typical symbol rates of up to 10 Mbps
- Simple connectivity to an external ADC
- Typical FPGA sample rates of up to 200 MHz
- Small implementation size


- Software defined radio
- Short range telemetry
- SRD and ISM band devices
- Low cost / low power RF applications

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Binary-FSK Demodulator

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Pipeline Register
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Arctan Function
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Video Frame Buffer
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