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Binary-PSK Demodulator

Binary-PSK Demodulator
General BPSK demodulator architecture BPSK demodulator implemented using Xilinx® V4 Example showing fast carrier acquisition for discrete BPSK bursts Implementation on the Red Pitaya Xilinx® Zynq platform
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General Description

16-bit BPSK demodulator ideal for low-cost radio links over a few 100m. Features automatic carrier lock with no complex PLL setup or tuning required. Offers great noise immunity and superb dynamic range with typical symbol rates of up to 10 Mbps.

Key Design Features

- 16-bit signed input data samples
- Automatic carrier acquisition
- Fast carrier acquisition time
- No complex PLL setup or tuning required
- Practical symbol rates of up to 10 Mbps
- Simple connectivity to an external ADC
- Typical FPGA sample rates up to 200 MHz+
- Small implementation size


- Software defined radio
- Short to medium-range telemetry
- IF, SRD and ISM band devices
- Low cost / low power RF applications
- Applications where data packets are transmitted in short discrete bursts

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Binary-PSK Demodulator

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