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Sony Camera LVDS Interface

Sony Camera LVDS Interface
Sony FCB-EV series cameras Sony LVDS camera interface
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General Description

High-speed LVDS interface solution for the Sony® FCB-EV range of HD1080p cameras. Offers simple implementation and connectivity for all Xilinx® FPGAs (other FPGAs and technologies supported on request). Typical cameras include the popular FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 COTs cameras for 1080p60 and 1080p30 operation.

Key Design Features

- Compatible with all Sony® FCB-EV Series LVDS video cameras
- Support for HD1080p60 (double-mode)
- Support for HD1080p30 (single-mode)
- Choice of 8 or 4 x LVDS data lanes
- Generates a standard SMPTE 274M output video stream


- Simple connectivity to the Sony® FCB-EV series HD-cameras
- Easily adaptable for other LVDS cameras
- Replacement for the Thine® THC63LVD series LVDS receiver ICs
- Replacement for the Rohm® BU90R series LVDS receiver ICs

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Sony camera LVDS interface

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