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IIR Filter Second-Order-Section

IIR Filter Second-Order-Section
Simplified IIR filter architecture Matlab compatible VHDL IP Core
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General Description

2nd order IIR filter sometimes referred to as a 'bi-quad'. Internally, it has a fully pipelined architecture permitting the highest possible sample rates for IIR filtering. The SOS block is modular allowing any number of SOS blocks to be joined in series to implement higher order IIR filters.

Key Design Features

- Fully pipelined architecture
- Small implementation size (6 H/W multipliers)
- Simple to cascade in series for higher orders
- 16-bit signed input and output samples
- 16-bit fixed-point coefficients and scaling factor
- Output saturation and overflow detection
- SOS coefficient matrix maps directly to filter coefficients
- Matlab®, FDAtool and Simulink® compatible


- General purpose digital filters
- Digital Filters where resources are limited
- Basic building block for higher order IIR filters
- IIR filtering in higher sample-rate applications
- IIR filter applications such as:
- low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, all-pass,
- peaking, notching, group delay equalization, arbitrary magnitude etc.

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IIR Filter Second Order Section

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