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Arctan Function

Arctan Function
16-bit pipelined arctan function
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General Description

Function y = atan(x) calculates the inverse tangent of a fraction. It has a high-speed, fully pipelined architecture and uses a polynomial with dynamic coefficients to calculate the result to within 0.00004 radians. Input and output values are 16-bit unsigned fractions.

Key Design Features

- Function y = atan(x)
- Input range between 0 and 1
- Output range between 0 and Pi/4 radians
- Uses a quadratic polynomial with dynamic coefficients
- Input values as 16-bit unsigned fractions
- Output values as 16-bit unsigned fractions
- Accurate to within 0.00004 radians
- High-speed fully pipelined architecture
- 3 clock-cycle latency


- Fixed-point mathematics
- Phase measurements in digital communications
- Alternative to using a 64k x 16-bit LUT
- Cheaper than a CORDIC solution

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16-bit pipelined ATAN

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