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Custom design service

At Zipcores we are experts in all matters relating to the design, implementation and test of digital circuits on FPGA, SoC and custom ASIC devices. To this end, we would be happy to:

1. Design a new application specific IP Core

2. Modify an existing IP Core to suit your application

3. Optimize a Core for a specific design goal e.g. speed, area, latency

4. Optimize a Core for a specific technology e.g. AMD/Xilinx®, Altera/Intel® or Lattice® FPGAs

5. Provide general consultancy and design services for FPGA, SoC or ASIC

If you have a specific request then please send your query via our web-based support form. On receipt of your request, a Design Engineer will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and help you draw up a specification for the work to be done. All requests are dealt with on a personal basis between the client and an allocated Design Engineer.

Please review our terms and conditions if you are considering using our personalized design service.