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Half-band Nyquist Decimation Filter

Half-band Nyquist Decimation Filter
Simplified FIR filter architecture Efficient half-band FIR filter design
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General Description

Fully configurable Nyquist decimation filter (down-sampler) with decimation factors from 2 to 2^N. The FIR filter is highly optimized for both speed and area and is ideal for a wide range of multi-rate DSP applications.

Key Design Features

- Decimation factors from 2 to 2^N
- Configurable coefficients
- Configurable data width
- Symmetric arithmetic rounding
- Output saturation - no wrap
- 80 dB stop-band attenuation or better
- Only 12 H/W multipliers per stage
- FPGA sample rates in excess of 300 MHz
- Matlab®, FDAtool and Simulink® compatible


- Decimation after digital down-conversion
- Decimation by a wide range of factors
- Reduction of input sample rate to make subsequent signal processing easier

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Half-band Nyquist decimation filter

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