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Direct Digital Synthesizer

Direct Digital Synthesizer
Simplified DDS architecture Plot showing Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)
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General Description

High-precision Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) used in digital up/down conversion, mixing, and the generation of periodic waveforms. Simultaneous SIN, COS, square and sawtooth outputs. Features an SNR of approximately 100 dB and an SFDR better than 110 dB with phase dithering enabled. Ideal for quadrature signal generation, digital modulation/demodulation and software radio applications.

Key Design Features

- 16-bit signed output data samples
- 32-bit phase accumulator (tuning word)
- 32-bit phase shift feature
- Phase resolution of 2Pi/216
- Frequency resolution of Fs/232
- Phase dithering option for improved SFDR
- Approximately 100 dB SNR
- Up to 115 dB SFDR
- SIN, COS, square and sawtooth outputs
- Small quarter-wave LUT with 16, 12 or 8-bit options


- Digital oscillators and phase-locked loops
- Digital modulation/demodulation
- Digital up/down converters and mixers
- Generation of quadrature (complex) signals
- Versatile waveform generation
- Software defined radio

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Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)

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