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4-Quadrant Arctan Function

4-Quadrant Arctan Function
Pipelined atan2 function
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General Description

Function φ = atan2(y,x) calculates the 4-quadrant inverse tangent in the range -Pi to Pi. Functionally equivalent to the atan2 function in 'C' and MATLAB®. Ideal for the measurement of complex phase in DSP applications. Accuracy to within 0.00008 radians.

Key Design Features

- Function φ = atan2(y,x)
- Inputs as 12-bit signed
- Output as 19-bit signed
- Output range between -Pi and Pi radians
- Accurate to within 0.00008 radians
- Small implementation size
- High-speed fully pipelined architecture
- 7 clock-cycle latency


- Fixed-point mathematics
- Digital Phase-locked Loops (PLLs)
- Phase measurements in DSP and digital comms
- Much cheaper than a CORDIC solution of similar spec.

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4-Quadrant Arctan function

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