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Ultra-speed FIR Filter

Ultra-speed FIR Filter
Simplified FIR filter architecture Matlab compatible VHDL IP Core
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General Description

FIR filter designed for very high sample rate applications up to 600 MHz. Organized as a systolic array, the filter is modular and scalable, permitting the user to specify large order filters without compromising maximum attainable clock-speed. Matlab®, FDAtool and Simulink® compatible.

Key Design Features

- Systolic array for speed and scalability
- Configurable coefficients
- Configurable data width
- Configurable number of taps
- Symmetric arithmetic rounding
- Output saturation or wrap modes
- FPGA sample rates up to 600 MHz
- Matlab®, FDAtool® and Simulink® compatible


- Very high-speed filtering applications
- General purpose FIR filters
- Filters with odd or even numbers of taps
- Filters with arbitrary sets of coefficients
- Non-symmetrical filters

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Ultra-speed FIR Filter

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