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Bilinear Video Scaler

Bilinear Video Scaler
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General Description

Bilinear video scaler with same functionality as the high-quality digital video scaler. Exception is that bilinear interpolation is used in the x and y dimensions in order to save area and reduce the number of multipliers and block RAMs. Ideal for smaller FPGA devices and lower cost applications.

Key Design Features

- 24-bit RGB or YCbCr video in/out
- Independent vertical and horizontal scaling
- Support for video resolutions of 4K and above
- 24-bit fixed-point scale factor
- 2x2-tap polyphase FIR filter (16 phases)
- Configurable coefficients for each phase
- Small area footprint - minimal RAM resource
- Scale-up to Full HD with frame rates of 100Hz+
- Separate configuration of vertical and horizontal filters
- No frame buffer required


- High quality video scaling
- Video conferencing and surveillance
- Dynamic scaling of video in a window
- Consumer video products
- Picture-in-picture applications
- Video scaling for flat panel displays, portable devices,
  video games/consoles, video format converters,
  set-top boxes, digital TV etc.

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Bilinear Video Scaler

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