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Symmetrical FIR Filter

Symmetrical FIR Filter
Simplified FIR filter architecture Matlab compatible VHDL IP Core
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General Description

FIR filter designed for high sample rate applications with symmetrical coefficients and an even or odd number of taps. Features configurable coefficients and data width. Design uses only half the number of multipliers compared to a normal FIR implementation. Matlab®, FDAtool and Simulink® compatible.

Key Design Features

- Systolic array for speed and scalability
- 50% less multipliers than a direct-form FIR
- Support for filters with inverted symmetry
- Configurable coefficients
- Configurable data width
- Configurable number of taps
- Symmetric arithmetic rounding
- Output saturation or wrap modes
- FPGA sample rates up to 500 MHz
- Matlab®, FDAtool® and Simulink® compatible


- High-speed filter applications
- Filters where resources are limited
- FIR filters with symmetrical coefficients
- Filters with inverse symmetry such as High-pass, Differentiators and Hilbert transformers

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High-speed FIR Filter with symmetry

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ADS-B 1090 MHz (ES) Receiver
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