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Customer testimonials

Dynetics     " The Generic Ultraspeed FIR and N-channel Multiplexed IP cores were high-quality and easily incorporated into our project. Zipcores provided excellent support after the sale. "

Mike Santy - Dynetics, Huntsville, AL

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UC Berkeley EECS     Professor Ming C. Wu's group at the University of California, Berkeley, has chosen Zipcores' ZIP-FMC-DSP Mezzanine card for their research into machine learning using photonics:

" Given our reliance on analog electronics, we're using an FPGA with the Zipcores FMC-DSP card to control the data I/O within our system. The FMC-card allows us to sample at high speed using a low-cost, low-power PicoZed platform. It has proven critical for the demonstration of complicated machine learning tasks like image recognition. "

Philip Jacobson - key PhD researcher, UC Berkeley, CA

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Los Alamos National Laboratory     " I really appreciate that it worked right out of the box! "

[With respect to our I2C interface products]

Keith Morgan - Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

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Inogeni     " We successfully integrated Zipcores' scaler into our video capture card in a few hours and it worked flawlessly. I was also impressed by Zipcores' technical support and their quick response. Using Zipcores saved us months of design time and I will look forward to using their other products in our future video designs. "

Gilles Chouinard - Inogeni, Québec, Canada

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Evatronix     " It's always a question of design or buy? We as Evatronix, have all the in-house skills to design electronics, but this time we chose to buy from Zipcores. That was a bullseye!

Immediate first contact, PCB board off the shelf, fast delivery, excellent quality product. Along with PCB for high-speed data converters, Zipcores shares reference designs for industry standard FPGA evaluation boards. In this way, you have everything to start your prototype and focus on the functionality of your design with the interfaces already working. Thanks Zipcores! "

Łukasz Matoga - Evatronix, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

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Roke Manor Research     " We were very pleased with the speed at which Zipcores got back to us with the requested information. We are interested in both FPGA and ASIC as we have a short term opportunity for a FPGA design, and a longer term opportunity for a custom ASIC design. We were impressed with the area/timing results they sent us. "

[With respect to our IEEE floating-point IP Cores]

Steve Wakelam - Roke Manor Research, Hampshire, UK

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Logicircuit     " After searching and reviewing video scaler IP, Zipcores offered exactly what we needed. The ability to work with RGB video data instead of YUV was critical in making our decision. The Zipcores video scaler has proved to perform very well in our application and the quick response for technical support was greatly appreciated. "

Joe Goode - Logicircuit, Alpharetta, GA

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Z-Microsystems     " We had need of a rather sophisticated OSD/text overlay system which had to integrate into an existing hardware design in a minimum amount of time. After first contacting Zipcores, my initial concern was dealing with an unknown, overseas company while managing our compressed timetable. But Zipcores quickly impressed me with their responsiveness and professional, very knowledgeable support.

As things turned out, we spent more time asking pre-sale questions than we did actually implementing Zipores' solutions: the project went that smoothly. We met our deadlines and our customers are very satisfied with the performance of the new OSD system. We in turn are very happy both with this cost-effective solution and the new relationship we have with Zipcores: we are already in discussion with them regarding additional, upcoming requirements and how they can help us. "

Randall S. Millar - Z-Microsystems (Enhanced Video Devices), San Diego, CA

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Arete Associates     " The Zipcores IEEE multiplier is the smallest and fastest of the floating-point cores that we have seen (compared to the other IP vendors we have tested). Zipcores have always responded very quickly to our questions with helpful answers. If we are in need of any FPGA cores in the future, we will come to Zipcores first. "

Tony Pittner - Areté Associates, Tuscon, AZ

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Phoenix America     " Our application demanded a high-precision, high-accuracy DSP core to process sensor data in real time. Zipcores provided us with expert advice and unparalleled technical support in order to meet our objectives. The DSP core they designed for us was small enough to fit into a lower-cost FPGA while still meeting our tight specifications. Excellent work. Thank you! "

Bob Loubier - Phoenix America, Fort Wayne, IN

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SFO technologies     " As a company specializing in design, development, prototyping and manufacturing of high technology engineering products, we were interested in video processing IP cores from Zipcores. We really appreciate the keenness and promptness with which they provided us with the requested information. The quality and pace in which they responded to our queries was highly impressive and reveals their expertise. We look forward for closer ties with them in our future endeavors. "

Shaji N.M. - SFO Technologies (NeST Group), Cochin, India

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Flight Data Systems     " Zipcores quickly created custom FPGA code for our project. The code worked as requested from the first run. Zipcores could not have been more responsive and helpful with customer support. "

[With respect to our Digital Modulation & RF expertise]

Charles Newman - Flight Data Systems, Petaluma, CA

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Nir-Or     " We were looking for a high quality scaler for our video processing projects that could work on a low cost FPGA. After testing the Zipcores video scaler we were impressed with the quality of scaled video and the low FPGA resource requirements. Zipcores also provided us with quick and professional support. "

Oleg Ukrainsky - Nir-Or, Rosh-ha-Ayin, Israel

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Model Racing Technology     " We needed BPSK demodulator IP specifically to work on the Red Pitaya (STEMlab 125-14) Xilinx ZYNQ development board. This meant modifications to Zipcores standard IP plus a custom ADC interface. This was required in a ready to run Xilinx project.

We had no previous experience with FPGA design, VHDL or Xilinx design tools. Zipcores have been exceptional with this task and the customer support has been outstanding. We now have a working system to our specification and a clear VHDL design with which to work if required in the future. We will definitely be using Zipcores again if FPGA IP or design is required. "

Clive Turner-Stockham - Model Racing Technology, Kent, UK

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Aircraft Avoidance Systems     " Zipcores walked me through a variety of possible solutions to my demodulation task, and delivered a robust solution with lots of interaction/guidance along the way. The end result was even better than the originally-promised deliverable. A great collaboration. "

[With respect to our BFSK demodulator IP Core]

Tom Murphy - Aircraft Avoidance Systems, San Diego, CA

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