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Text Overlay Module

Text Overlay Module
Different sized text in different colours Highlighted text with or without transparency Simple playlist window implementation Text may be faded in/out in real time Basic windows console implemented using the text overlay module User-defined and standard ASCII character sets Also suitable for simple graphical on-screen displays Standard IP ships with four basic character sets
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General Description

Module permits text in a user-defined text-box to be inserted directly over 24-bit RGB video. Simply write the ASCII characters to be displayed to an internal buffer and the text appears as a video overlay. Features 4 font sizes, user-defined character bitmaps, text highlighting, 8-bit transparency, programmable colours, movable text-box, simple animation. Easy uP interfacing with I2C, SPI or UART options.

Key Design Features

- Text overlays on 24-bit RGB video
- Supports video resolutions up to 4096x4096
- Character buffer maps directly to display
- Programmable text-box position
- Filled or unfilled text-box region
- Four sizes of text: 8x16, 16x32, 32x64 or 64x128
- Programmable foreground/background colours
- Programmable 8-bit alpha transparency
- Independent horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Normal or highlighted text
- User-defined character bitmap ROM
- Ships with 4 character sets as standard
- 128 character bitmaps supported
- Simple programming interface
- Integrates with all Zipcores Video IP (including AXI-stream)
- Small implementation size ideal for FPGA or SoC
- No frame buffer required


- Terminal/Console windows
- Digital TV and home-media solutions
- Simple animated text/bitmap graphics
- Interactive guides, menus, tables, lists etc.
- Instrumentation/monitoring applications
- Animated gauges, charts, dials, counters etc.

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Text overlay module

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