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Packet-based Digital Radio Link

Packet-based Digital Radio Link
Radio link implemented using a Xilinx® V4 demo platform

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General Description

Fully custom Digital Radio Link based on either our FSK or PSK modulation schemes. Data is split into packets or frames and modulated for transmission over cable (e.g. coax/twisted pair) or wireless. Achieves typical data rates of up to 10 Mbps. Small implementation size ideal for FPGA.

Note that this is a custom design. Please contact Zipcores with your exact requirements and we would be happy to provide a solution for you.

Key Design Features

- Fully custom solution
- Separate Modulator/Demodulator pair
- FSK or PSK modulation schemes
- Small implementation size
- Compatible with a wide range of DACs/ADCs
- Typical data rates of up to 10 Mbps


- Software defined radio
- Medium to long-range telemetry
- SRD and ISM band devices
- Low cost RF applications
- Transmission of digital video/audio

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Pipeline Register
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Colour-Space Converter
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SMPTE Test Pattern Generator
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