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FMC-BRK Mezzanine Card

FMC-BRK Mezzanine Card
FMC-BRK card - top view FMC-BRK card - bottom view Annotated top view Annotated bottom view Easy implementation in Vivado Connected to a Xilinx AC701 board Ample prototyping area Example with R-Pi Pico board
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FMC-BRK Mezzanine Card

General Description

The Zipcores FMC-BRK Mezzanine card is a versatile FMC breakout-board and prototyping platform that conforms to the ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC™ mezzanine standard. The card is compatible with a wide range of base-boards and FMC-compliant systems. Examples include evaluation boards from Xilinx®, Intel®, Avnet® and Digilent®. The card provides passive connectivity to all 160 signals on the FMC (LPC) connector via 4 x standard 0.100" pitch (2.54 mm) headers. This includes 34 x differential LVDS pairs (LA00:33) or 68 x single-ended signals. The differential pairs are balanced for track length and impedance-matched for 100Ω LVDS termination. The ground pins of the FMC are also connected to an independent ground plane to offer the best possible signal integrity and noise immunity.

Key Design Features

- Standard ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC™ LPC or HPC connector
- 4 x headers provide passive connectivity to all 160 pins on the FMC connector (rows C, D, G and H)
- All pin and through-hole spacings are standard 0.100” pitch or 2.54 mm
- Access to 34 x differential pairs (LA00:33) or 68 x single-ended signals or a mixture of either
- Access to 2 x GTP transceiver pairs including GTP clock
- Access to 2 x user-clock differential pairs
- Access to the I2C, JTAG and FMC state flags
- Access to the VADJ, 3.3V and 12V FMC power supplies
- All differential pairs routed with the same track lengths
- All differential signals impedance-matched for LVDS 100Ω termination
- Separate VADJ, 3.3V, 12V and GND through-hole vias
- Separate power pins de-coupled to ground with 100 nF capacitors
- Separate PCB ground-plane for improved signal integrity and noise immunity
- Features large 22 x 12 prototyping area for custom circuitry and user-defined functions
- 8 x user LEDs with 332Ω series resistors
- 4 x user push-buttons with RC de-bouncing circuit
- 100 MHz low-jitter single-ended clock oscillator
- 2 x M3 mounting holes for securing the FMC connector
- 2 x M3 mounting holes for supporting standoff 'legs'
- Example RTL source-code provided for easy board bringup
- Compatible with a wide range of FMC base-boards
- Dimensions approx 10 x 6.7 cm

Base-board compatibility

  Examples include:
  SP605, ML605, ZC702, ZC706,
  ZCU102, ZCU104, ZCU106, ZCU1275,
  SP701, AC701, KC705, VC707, VC709,
  KCU105, KCU116, KCU1250, VCU108, VCU110, VCU118,
  ZedBoard, MicroZed (with FMC carrier), PicoZed (with FMC carrier)


- High-speed LVDS connectivity
- Other differential signal connectivity
- Wide (single-ended) parallel connectivity
- Fully custom FMC-card circuit design
- General prototyping on FMC-compatible evaluation boards
- High-speed interfaces where signal integrity is critical
- Examples include image sensors, cameras, displays, ADCs and DACs

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FMC-BRK Mezzanine Card

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