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High-Speed LVDS (SERDES) Transceiver

High-Speed LVDS (SERDES) Transceiver
Interface compatible with most common LVDS SERDES ICs Example LVDS eye diagram LVDS using standard CAT 5E network cable LVDS LCD display demo (Sharp 1024x768 LCD module) Demo showing LVDS connections from Xilinx® board and LCD display LVDS LCD display demo (Sharp 1280x800 LCD module)
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General Description

High-speed LVDS (SERDES) transceiver with up to 8 serial data lanes, generic data width and integrated asynchronous FIFO. Ideal for standard LVDS links such as Channel-link®, Camera-link®, FPD-link®, FlatLink® etc. Capable of data rates of up to 1 Gbits/s per lane on higher-end FPGAs.

Key Design Features

- Separate Tx/Rx pair
- Up to 8 serial data lanes
- Parallel data widths up to 128-bits wide
- Parallel-to-serial mux ratio up to 16:1
- Fully configurable clocking (duty-cycle and skew)
- Data rates of up to 1 Gbits/s per lane
- Integrated asynchronous FIFOs
- Frequency mismatch error detection
- Bitwise data alignment at receiver
- No receiver source clock required
- Robust and simple to implement using CAT5E Ethernet cable
- Offers standard VESA colour-mapping to single or dual-channel LVDS displays
- Supports industry standards such as Camera-link®, Channel-link®, FPD-link® etc.
- Compatibility and/or replacement for a wide range of commercial SERDES LVDS ICs
- Examples include: SN65LVDS*, SN75LVDS*, DS90CR*, DS90UR* and THC63LVD* series ICs


- High bandwidth SERDES interfaces for all FPGA and ASIC
- Implementation of 'virtual' ribbon cable
- Transport of high-bandwidth digital video
- Point-to-point comms over a few meters

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LVDS (SERDES) Transceiver

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