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Bayer to RGB Converter

Bayer to RGB Converter
Bayer-to-RGB block diagram The Colour-Filter-Array (CFA) Bayer-mapped source image After conversion ...
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General Description

Bayer-to-RGB converter interpolates the bayer pattern from a digital image sensor. Generates an output image at full 24-bit RGB resolution. Features an adaptive 5x5 polyphase filter to reduce jagged edges and zipping artifacts. Ideal for the first stage of an image processing pipeline.

Key Design Features

- Decoding of a bayer-mapped (CFA) image
- Features a 5x5 polyphase demosaicing filter
- Generates 24-bit RGB output pixels
- Support for sensor widths of 8-bits and above
- Supports resolutions up to 216 x 216 pixels
- Support for different CFA sensor alignments
- Outputs 1 x 24-bit RGB pixel per clock
- Easily integrates with all Zipcores Video IP Cores
- Small implementation size ideal for FPGA and SoC
- Fully pipelined architecture with input/output flow control
- Interfaces compatible with AMBA / AXI4-stream
- No frame buffer required
- 300 MHz+ operation on basic devices


- Bayer-mapped to RGB demosaicing
- Digital camera/sensor image processing
- Essential first stage after image sensor

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Bayer-to-RGB converter

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Pipeline Register
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Synchronous FIFO
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4-Quadrant Arctan Function
desc here
BT656 Test Pattern Generator
desc here
FMC-DSP Mezzanine Card
desc here
Parallel FLASH Memory Controller
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8b/10b Encoder/Decoder
desc here
ADS-B 978 MHz (UAT) Receiver
desc here
Sony Camera LVDS Interface
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