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Parallel FLASH Memory Controller

Parallel FLASH Memory Controller
Flash memory controller for FPGA and ASIC
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General Description

JEDEC® compliant FLASH memory controller ideal for interfacing to a wide range of parallel FLASH memory components such as the popular SST39 series from Microchip®. Features a fully synchronous command interface and a set of configurable timing parameters for compatibility with different devices.

Key Design Features

- Provides the physical interface between your FPGA/ASIC and the external FLASH
- Easy-to-use synchronous command interface
- JEDEC® standard Flash EEPROM pinouts and commands
- Fully configurable timing parameters to suit different manufacturers
- Configurable command FIFO compensates for System/FLASH speed differences
- Wide range of 8-bit and 16-bit FLASH memories supported
- Vendors such as Microchip®, Atmel®, Spansion® and STmicroelectronics®
- Examples include the SST39*, AT49*, AM29* and M29* series of memory ICs


- Any application where non-volatile storage is required
- Offline storage of parameters and data via your FPGA or ASIC

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Parallel Flash Memory Controller

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