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8b/10b Encoder/Decoder

8b/10b Encoder/Decoder
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General Description

Encoder/Decoder pair that implements the standard IBM® 8b/10b line code for a DC-balanced serial data stream. The 8b/10b code is a common encoding scheme used for the transmission of serial AC-coupled data with embedded clock over larger distances.

Key Design Features

- Supports the standard IBM® 8b/10b line code for a DC-balanced serial data stream
- Supports all standard control symbols - K.28.0 to K.30.7
- Separate encoder and decoder pair
- Fully synchronous design with data input and output valid flags
- Generic parallel input and output data widths
- Error flags indicate control symbol errors and general decoding errors
- Running disparity calculations handled internally
- Fully scalable architecture
- Suitable for use in serial data links of 6 GHz+ on basic FPGA devices


- High speed serial interfaces with embedded clocking
- DC-balanced, AC-coupled serial interfaces
- Prerequisite for the transmission of serial data over large distances
- Encoding scheme used in a wide range of communication standards
- Examples include: Ethernet, PCI Express, DVB-ASI etc.

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8b/10b encoder/decoder

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