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SMPTE Test Pattern Generator

SMPTE Test Pattern Generator
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General Description

Versatile test pattern generator capable of producing a range of test patterns in various high-definition SMPTE formats such as 296M and 274M. The module is ideal for use in the prototyping stages of digital video systems or as a known good video source.

Key Design Features

- Test patterns as industry standard SMPTE
- Support for SMPTE 296M and SMPTE 274M
- HD720p, HD1080p and HD1080i resolutions
- Support for all refresh rates
- Choice of various test pattern outputs
- All signals synchronous with pixel clock
- Compatible with a wide range of video ICs, HDMI and SDI transmitters
- Tiny implementation size


- Digital video testing and prototyping
- Default output displays and simple 'screen savers'

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SMPTE Test pattern generator

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