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Manchester Encoder/Decoder

Manchester Encoder/Decoder
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General Description

Manchester bit-encoder/decoder pair. Ideal for the transmission of serial data at up to 40 Mbps on low-cost FPGAs and SoCs. DC-balanced encoding scheme suitable for single-ended or differential transmission lines with AC-coupling. Features internal FIR pulse-shaping filters for optimum noise immunity.

Key Design Features

- Separate Encoder/Decoder pair
- DC-balanced encoding suitable for AC-coupling
- Ideal for twisted pair or coaxial transmission lines
- Internal gaussian pulse-shaping filters for optimum SNR
- Practical serial rates of up to 40 Mbps on FPGA and SoC
- Configurable bit rates and filter settings
- Simple implementation
- Very low resource use
- Portable design


- Applications requiring low-to-medium serial bandwidth
- Industrial/Scientific/Medical/Automotive control systems
- Implementation of robust serial links on low cost devices

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