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Complex Digital Down Converter

Complex Digital Down Converter
Simplified DDC architecture Spectral plots before and after digital down conversion
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General Description

High-precision 16-bit complex digital down-converter / IQ demodulator with a fully configurable decimation filter stage. Ideal for the conversion of IF signals to baseband for subsequent processing. Features a precision digital oscillator and a highly-optimized decimation filter section.

Key Design Features

- 16-bit signed complex (IQ) data samples
- Precision digital oscillator (> 100 dB SFDR)
- Decimation factors from 0 to 2N
- Only 12 multipliers per decimate-by-2 stage
- 80 dB stop-band attenuation
- Typical FPGA sample rates of 250 MHz+
- Ideal for all digital transmission and digital modulation schemes
- Examples include: QPSK, QAM, WiMAX, WCDMA, COFDM etc.


- Digital IQ demodulators
- Conversion of IF signals to baseband
- Software defined radio

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Complex digital down converter

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