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Multi-format Video Deinterlacer

Multi-format Video Deinterlacer
Multi-format video deinterlacer
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General Description

High-performance video deinterlacer. Converts all interlaced digital video formats such as 480i, 576i and HD1080i to high-res progressive versions. Generates high-quality output video without combing or tearing. Proprietary algorithm gives sharp edges with reduced softening. No frame buffer required.

Key Design Features

- 24-bit RGB digital video throughout
- Supports all interlaced digital video formats
- Resolutions up to 4096x4096 pixels
- Proprietary (LCI) de-interlacing algorithm
- Additional support for BOB and ELA algorithms
- No combing or tearing between fields
- Clean edges with reduced sawtooth artifacts
- Reduced softening of output video
- One output frame per field
- FPGA clock rates in excess of 200MHz
- No frame buffer required


- Digital TV and set-top boxes
- Conversion of SDTV to HDTV formats
- Personal and home media solutions
- Conversion to all progressive formats e.g. HD1080i to HD1080p
- Applications where the use of an external frame buffer is undesirable

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Multi-format video deinterlacer

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