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Pipelined Divider

Pipelined Divider
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General Description

Function y = a / b is a very high-speed divider with configurable dividend and divisor width. Inputs and outputs may be specified as either signed or unsigned values. Generates the quotient and remainder after division and includes a flag for a divide by zero exception. Fully scalable alternative to using large LUT-based dividers.

Key Design Features

- Function y = a / b
- Input values as signed or unsigned integers
- Output values as signed or unsigned integers
- Configurable dividend and divisor width
- Quotient, remainder and divide by zero outputs
- High-speed fully pipelined architecture
- Optimization mode for speed/area trade off
- 400MHz+ operation on basic FPGA platforms
- Fully scalable design


- Fundamental unit in digital processing functions
- Division of integers and fixed-point numbers
- Implementation of reciprocal function f(x) = 1/x

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Pipelined Divider

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