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Digital Video Overlay Module

Digital Video Overlay Module
Quad HD display implemented using the video overlay module Various video overlays including PiP Multi-tiled display
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General Description

Video overlay module permits multiple video streams to be multiplexed together to give a single video output. Supports any number of input video sources at any input resolution or aspect ratio. Features programmable video overlay position, 8-bit alpha transparency and logical blend operations such as AND, OR and XOR. Overlay positions may be changed on a frame-by-frame basis to give dynamic video movement.

Key Design Features

- Video overlays on 24-bit RGB or YCbCr video
- Support for other video formats on request
- Supports video resolutions of 8K and above
- Supports any number of input video streams
- Programmable video overlay position
- Per-pixel 8-bit alpha transparency
- Per-pixel AND, OR, XOR blending
- Simple input and output interfaces
- Easily integrates with all Zipcores Video IP
- Small implementation size ideal for FPGA


- Digital TV and home-media solutions
- Broadcast TV and film production
- Digital-video special effects
- Multiple video windows
- Animated video windows
- Picture-in-Picture (PiP) applications
- Instrumentation and monitoring (e.g. CCTV)
- Network and Tactical operations centres

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Digital video overlay module

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