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Datapath and Pipeline

IP Cores for high-speed pipelined operations and data streaming
This service is a design-specific modification to any of our existing IP Cores to support the AMBA® 4 AXI4-Stream Protocol. The AXI4-Stream protocol is an open specification originated by ARM and is popular among many FPGA and ASIC vendors - especially Xilinx® FPGAs and SoCs.
Self-flushing register element with a configurable data width. Data flows in and out of the register in accordance with a simple valid-ready pipeline interface protocol. The component is used as a fundamental building block in pipelined architectures.
General purpose synchronous FIFO with configurable depth and data width. The component follows a simple valid-ready pipeline interface protocol and features full/empty flags and a FIFO fullness counter. The FIFO can be configured to use register or RAM-based storage.
Asynchronous FIFO optimized for very high-speed operation. Features a configurable data width and depth. The component uses Gray-coded read/write pointers for highest reliability when synchronizing between different clock domains. Ideal for asynchronous interfaces where speed it critical.