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GPU Overlay Module

GPU Overlay Module
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General Description

Graphics Processor overlay IP Core/On Screen Display (OSD) that allows fully anti-aliased 2D graphics and/or text to be inserted over 30-bit RGB video. Includes all the functionality of the Text Overlay Module + extra features. Best option for a more professional looking OSD.

Key Design Features

- Text and 2D-bitmap overlays on 30-bit RGB video (RGB 10:10:10)
- Tile-based architecture with choice of character sizes up to 64x128
- Supports video resolutions up to 4096x4096
- Programmable graphics-window size and position
- Programmable graphics-window clipping region
- Text/graphics 180 degrees rotation function
- 3 bit-planes offering 8 colours per pixel
- Programmable 8-bit alpha transparency
- Programmable palette of 8 x 30-bit colours
- Independent horizontal and vertical scrolling
- Supports smooth anti-aliased curves and lines
- No complex graphics programming required
- Integrates with all Zipcores Video IP (including AXI-stream)
- Small implementation size ideal for FPGA or SoC
- No frame buffer required


- Clear and functional on-screen displays with text and graphics
- Interactive user consoles, guides, menus, tables, itemized lists
- Animated graphics including pointers, cursors, scrolling text, moving banners
- Digital instrumentation including animated gauges, charts, dials, meters, counters
- Displays and HUDs for commercial, military and automotive applications

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GPU overlay module

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