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FMC-DSP Mezzanine Card

FMC-DSP Mezzanine Card
FMC-DSP card - top view FMC-DSP card - bottom view Annotated top view Annotated bottom view Simplified block diagram Easy implementation in Vivado Connected to a ZedBoard Connected to a Xilinx SP605 board
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FMC-DSP Mezzanine Card

General Description

Designed for use with both IF and baseband signals, the FMC-DSP card is ideal for applications that require high-speed data acquisition and logging, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Digital Signal Synthesis (DSS). In addition, the inclusion of dual, symmetrical and balanced ADC and DAC channels means that the card is suitable for the processing of complex I/Q signals such as those required in baseband I/Q modulation and de-modulation schemes. The FMC-card is compatible with all development boards that feature the standard FMC-LPC or FMC-HPC connector (ANSI/VITA 57.1). Examples include those from Xilinx®, Intel®, Avnet® and Digilent®.

Key Design Features

- 2 x ADC Analogue inputs (1V pk-pk) 50 ohm nominal
- 2 x DAC Analogue outputs (1V pk-pk) 50 ohm nominal
- Standard SMA (straight) female connectors x 4
- Standard ANSI/VITA 57.1 FMC™ LPC or HPC connector
- Low-pass input anti-aliasing filter (~100 MHz, -3dB cut-off)
- Dual 125 MSPS ADC from Analog Devices® (AD9635)
- Dual 500 MSPS DAC from Analog Devices® (AD9780)
- Dual input amplifier with selectable setting (ADA4930)
- Flexible clocking provided via LVDS I/O on FMC connector
- All digital ADC and DAC I/O provided as LVDS on FMC
- Flexible VADJ voltage setting between 1.8V to 2.5V
- Main power drawn from the 3.3V pin on the FMC connector
- Full access to the ADC and DAC registers via SPI bus
- 2 x general-purpose PMOD™ headers for debug and GPIO
- 2 x M3 mounting holes for securing the FMC connector
- 2 x M3 mounting holes for supporting standoff 'legs'
- Example RTL source-code provided for easy board bringup
- Compatible with a wide range of FMC base-boards
- Dimensions approx 10 x 6.7 cm

Base-board compatibility

  Examples include:
  SP605, ML605, ZC702, ZC706,
  ZCU102, ZCU104, ZCU106, ZCU1275,
  SP701, AC701, KC705, VC707, VC709,
  KCU105, KCU116, KCU1250, VCU108, VCU110, VCU118,
  ZedBoard, MicroZed (with FMC carrier), PicoZed (with FMC carrier)


- High-speed data acquisition and logging
- IF and baseband signal processing
- Software Defined Radio (SDR)
- Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
- Digital Signal Synthesis (DSS)
- Quadrature I/Q Modulation and Demodulation

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FMC-DSP Mezzanine Card

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Arctan Function
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Cosine Function
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IIR Filter Second-Order-Section
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Pipelined Multiplier
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Pipelined Square Root
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I2C Master Serial Interface Controller
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Packet-based Digital Radio Link
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HD Multi-window Video Processor
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GPU Overlay Module
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