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Digital Video Scaler

Digital Video Scaler
Scaling exampe showing various PiP windows Scaling example with various tiled windows Scaling example with quad tiled output Flexible video scaling up/down - any resolution
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General Description

Digital video up/down scaler accepts RGB or YCbCr 444 video and permits independent horizontal and vertical scaling to generate any desired resolution or aspect ratio. Uses a 5x5 FIR polyphase filter with 16 phases to generate a studio-quality interpolated output. Supports 4K video and above. No frame buffer required.

Key Design Features

- RGB or YCbCr video in/out
- Independent vertical and horizontal scaling
- Support for different RGB channel widths
- Support for video resolutions of 4K and above
- Real-time programmable scaling parameters
- 5x5-tap polyphase FIR filter (16 phases)
- Fully pipelined architecture with simple flow-control
- No frame buffer required
- Small area footprint - minimal RAM resource
- Support for 350MHz+ operation on basic FPGA devices


- Studio quality video scaling
- Video conferencing and surveillance
- Dynamic scaling of video in a window
- Broadcast video equipment
- Picture-in-picture (PiP) and digital zoom applications
- Video scaling for flat panel displays, image sensors and cameras,
  portable devices, video games/consoles, video format converters,
  set-top boxes, digital TV etc.

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Digital Video Scaler

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