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Colour-Space Converter

Colour-Space  Converter
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General Description

Converts 24-bit RGB to 30-bit YCbCr in 4:4:4 format and vice-versa. Features a fully pipelined design with simple flow-control and 1 x pixel/clock output.

Key Design Features

- Conversion of pixels between RGB and YCbCr colour spaces
- Supports 24-bit RGB888 and 30-bit 4:4:4 YCbCr formats
- Use in conjunction with our chroma resampler for 4:2:2 formats
- Features vsync/hsync sideband flags
- Fully pipelined architecture
- Output one pixel per clock
- Easily integrates with all Zipcores Video IP
- Small implementation size ideal for FPGA
- 400MHz+ operation on basic FPGA devices


- Digital video and image processing
- Interfacing between video ICs with different colour formats

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Colour-space converter

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