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HD-Video Development Board

HD-Video Development Board
HD-Video development board HD-Video development board - annotated Quad display - HDMI x 2 + SDI x 2 Tiled display - HDMI x 2 + SDI x 2 PiP and scaling - HDMI x 2 + SDI x 2 Quad display + Win8 console HD-Video development board - block diagram
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HD-Video Development Board

General Description

Flexible video-processing platform for High Definition and Standard Definition video applications (up to HD1080p). Based on a Xilinx® Spartan-6 FPGA, the board supports a wide range of video I/O including: 4 x DVI/HDMI, 4 x 3G/HD-SDI, 2 x CVBS (PAL/NTSC), 2 x RGB/YPbPr and 11 pairs of LVDS pins.

Key Design Features

- Xilinx® Spartan-6 XC6SLX75T-3FGG676 FPGA
- Compatible with free Xilinx ISE WebPACK™ software
- 2 x DVI video inputs (HDMI type-A connector)
- 2 x 3G or HD-SDI serial video inputs (75 ohm BNC)
- 2 x Analogue (RGB or YPbPr) inputs (15-pin D-SUB)
- 2 x CVBS (PAL/NTSC) analogue inputs (RCA connector)
- 2 x DVI video outputs (HDMI type-A connector)
- 2 x 3G or HD-SDI serial video outputs (75 ohm BNC)
- Support for VESA and CEA-861-D video modes
- Resolutions up to 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz refresh
- 128M x 16-bit DDR3 Memory @ 400MHz (12.8 Gb/s B/W)
- 32MB SPI flash memory for FPGA configuration
- FPGA JTAG programming header
- 24-pin header with 11 pairs of LVDS I/O or 22 GPIO pins
- On-board ATmega128 8-bit AVR Micro-controller
- Micro-controller JTAG programming header
- 24-pin header for ATmega128 GPIO
- USB-UART bridge for simple PC-based control
- 2 x 100 MHz, 1 x 27 MHz and 1 x 148.5 MHz oscillators
- 4 x general purpose LEDs
- 5 x general purpose push-buttons
- Robust SPDT power switch
- 12V DC universal power supply included
- 4 x mounting holes (size M5)
- Dimensions approx 16x16 cm (including connectors)


- General purpose video processing / R&D
- Displays with multiple video windows
- PiP (Picture-in-Picture) displays
- Video walls and video billboards
- Retail, corporate and home entertainment
- Network and tactical operations centers
- Industrial, automotive and medical imaging
- Security systems - e.g. CCTV
- Video broadcasting and Film production
- Video format conversion - e.g. SD to HD
- Graphics, text and video overlays
- Image processing and special effects

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HD-Video development board

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Arctan Function
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Cosine Function
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IIR Filter Second-Order-Section
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Pipelined Multiplier
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Pipelined Square Root
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I2C Master Serial Interface Controller
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Packet-based Digital Radio Link
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HD Multi-window Video Processor
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GPU Overlay Module
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