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Jul 18, 2023
Zipcores' Adaptive Computing Partnership with AMD...

After the aquisition of Xilinx by AMD, Zipcores is proud to announce its continued partnership and collaboration with AMD as an Adaptive Computing Partner. As such, we continue to offer solutions over the whole range of AMD (Xilinx) FPGA and SoC products - whether it be the low-cost 7-series portfolio, the current generation Ultrascale+ (16nm) devices, or the next generation Versal Adaptive SoC platforms.

If you are looking for help with IP Cores, hardware evaluation or a general custom solution relating to AMD products then please fill out our customer support form and we'd be happy to help. Please see the following link for more info at: Zipcores Support.

Zipcores AMD Adaptive Computing Partner
Feb 9, 2023
Introducing our new FMC-SDI Mezzanine card...

Introducing our new ZIP-FMC-SDI Mezzanine card with dual, independent SDI inputs and dual loop-through outputs. Includes cable equalization/amplification and full pixel clock recovery. Supports 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/ED-SDI/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI stream up to HD1080p60 resolution. No high-speed Gbit transceivers required as the SDI deserialization is built into the design. Features a simple LVDS interface ideal for ALL eval boards. Examples include low-cost boards from AMD/Xilinx® using Zynq-7000 and Spartan-7 devices such as ZC702, ZedBoard, MicroZed, SP701, etc.

Zipcores' FMC-SDI Mezzanine card
Nov 24, 2022
On-Screen Displays (OSDs) for versatile and functional text and graphics...

Looking for a cost-effective On-Screen Display (OSD) solution for real-time video applications? Well look no further! Zipcores offers a range of versatile and functional text and graphics overlay IP Cores with very simple interfacing and no complex programming required. Our Text overlay and GPU overlay IP Cores may be programmed in real-time via an external MCU/uP or embedded processor. Simple programming interfaces such as UART, I2C or SPI are also offered for ease of product integration.

Zipcores OSD IP Cores are ideal for a wide range of interactive applications such as HUDs, menus, lists, charts, gauges, tables, counters, timers, clocks etc. All FPGA, SoC and ASIC technologies are supported with no external frame buffer memory required.

On-Screen Display (OSD) IP Cores from Zipcores
Oct 1, 2021
Understanding the secrets of the Universe with the help of Zipcores' FMC cards...

A new project at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC, "QUIJOTE"), intended to study Deep Space Cosmic Background Radiation, is making use of our FMC breakout card. Together with a Xilinx® Zynq-7000 base board (ZEDboard), our FMC Card is being used for the interfacing and control of a 256 channel x 24-bit data acquisition system. The system uses an array of small microwave antennas and a bank of high-res 24-bit AD7768 ADCs from Analog Devices.

Engineer, Sergio Gonzalez, adds: "The success of our work with IAC continues with the ZIP-FMC-BRK card and it's proving to be a very useful prototyping platform during tests. The IAC research project will study very deep space (20-100 GHz) residual radiation and its anisotropy."

FMC-BRK card
Dec 11, 2020
UC Berkeley adopts Zipcores' FMC-DSP card for cutting-edge AI research...

Professor Ming C. Wu's group at the University of California, Berkeley, has chosen Zipcores' ZIP-FMC-DSP Mezzanine card for their research into machine learning using photonics. Philip Jacobson, key PhD researcher at Berkeley explains:

"Given our reliance on analog electronics, we're using an FPGA with the Zipcores FMC card to control the data I/O within our system. This FMC card allows us to sample at high speed using a low-cost, low-power PicoZed platform. The FMC card has proven critical for the demonstration of complicated machine learning tasks like image recognition.

Ultimately, the goal of our work is to develop novel, high-speed, low-power machine learning platforms by leveraging photonics. Our work is based on the reservoir computing paradigm, in which an electro-optic modulator with delayed feedback is used to perform classification tasks".

You can learn more about UC Berkeley EECS department and their research projects just here.

Berkeley chooses Zipcores' FMC-DSP card
Jul 9, 2020
Zipcores announces Xilinx Alliance Member partnership...

Zipcores is an official member of the Xilinx® Alliance Program. We are experts in all matters relating to Xilinx devices, technology and solutions. Please check out our member profile at: Zipcores Alliance Member Profile . If you need help with a Xilinx-based project then you can either contact us directly via our website or request info from Xilinx quoting 'Zipcores' as your preferred alliance partner!

Xilinx Alliance Member
Apr 13, 2020
Changes to our work schedule during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Zipcores sends out heart-felt thanks to the medical professionals working tirelessly during this COVID-19 pandemic. They are the true heroes in this crisis. Here's hoping for better times and a return to 'normality' as soon as possible. To our customers, we would like to advise that Zipcores' employees will be working remotely from home during the next couple of months due to the severity of cases here in Spain. We've been hit hard by the coronavirus, but we'll do our best to maintain services to the best of our ability under the circumstances. All IP Core sales, FPGA, SoC and ASIC custom design will continue but with some restrictions on physical board testing and prototyping services. Many thanks for your understanding.

Zipcores schedule changes during COVID-19
Nov 22, 2019
Mouser Electronics is now an official Zipcores distributor...

We are proud to introduce Mouser Electronics as a key supplier of Zipcores products. Mouser is a leading distributor of electronic components with a worldwide reach. In particular, with their expertise in logistics, we are now able to offer worldwide shipping of all our physical development board products. Please check out our Mouser listed products by visiting: Zipcores Mouser Product Listings

Mouser Electronics and Zipcores products
Mar 9, 2019
SDR solutions from Zipcores...

We are experts in providing Data Acquisition, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions for FPGA and SoC platforms. Our areas of expertise include high-speed ADC and DAC interfaces (e.g. parallel/LVDS), digital modulation schemes (e.g. PSK/FSK) and baseband processing for SDR. We can provide standard COTS IP Cores or fully custom solutions to meet your design requirements.

Software Defined Radio from Zipcores
Mar 16, 2018
SMPTE video standards and formats...

These days there are so many video standards to contend with that the options available can seem overwhelming. Zipcores can provide video solutions for a wide variety of physical interfaces and formats. Standards such as: NTSC, PAL, HDMI, LVDS, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI; supporting formats such as: SD480i, SD576i, HD720p, HD1080i, HD1080p, UHD (4K) and beyond. We also have a huge library of video IP Cores available for FPGA, ASIC and SoC. If you're in need of a high-end video processing solution then let us know and we'd be happy to lead the way!

SMPTE video standards from Zipcores
Feb 17, 2017
Zynq SoC...

Looking for a head-start in your next Zynq™ SoC project? If so, then why not let Zipcores lend a hand? Combining programmable logic with the embedded ARM® Cortex™ processor, the Zynq SoC is a cost-effective, low-power alternative to the traditional MCU + FPGA approach. Together with our extensive library of IP Cores, we are ideally placed to provide your next generation SoC design. What's more, we have a broad range of Zynq boards, add-on cards and PMOD™ modules at our disposal for the development and prototyping of almost any Zynq-based application.

Zynq SoC solutions from Zipcores
Jul 6, 2016
FPGA design services...

Did you know that as well as our extensive library of generic IP Cores, we also operate as an FPGA 'design house', providing complete FPGA-based solutions from concept to implementation. In particular, we have a wide range of experience with Xilinx® 7-series FPGAs and the Vivado toolchain. If you're starting a new FPGA project or simply thinking of migrating to 7-series from a different technology, then we can help with IP, interfaces and system-level integration.

FPGA design house Zipcores
Feb 2, 2016
New IP cores available for ADS-B in-flight communications...

After clocking over 500 hours of successful flight trials, we are delighted to offer two new ADS-B receiver solutions for general sale. Operating at carrier frequencies of 978 MHz and 1090 MHz, the IP Cores are compliant with RTCA specifications: DO-282B and DO-260B for Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) and Extended Squitter (ES) equipment. Provided as VHDL source code, the IP is fully generic and is suitable for both FPGA and ASIC implementations. In flight acceptance testing was carried out with the help of our partners at Flight Data Systems Inc. Please click on the following links for more information: ADS-B (UAT) and ADS-B (ES).

ADS-B IP Cores from Zipcores
Dec 2, 2015
AMBA AXI interfaces...

Did you know that most Zipcores IP Cores are compatible with the AMBA® AXI4 interface standards? AXI, AXI-Lite and AXI-Stream are specified by ARM® and they are fast becoming the leading industry standard for FPGA and SoC interconnect. With protocols for both streaming and memory-mapped operation, AXI has been adopted by Xilinx® for their IP architecture and associated Vivado toolchain. If you're looking for future-proof, reusable IP, then look no further than Zipcores!

AMBA AXI interfaces from Zipcores
Feb 3, 2015
Design-assured IP for safetey-critical systems...

If you are looking to use design-assured electronic hardware in your next avionics or other safety-critical project, then look no further. Zipcores has teamed up with Logicircuit to provide DO-254 certifiable versions of all its IP Cores. Valid for a wide range of FPGA and ASIC devices, this certifiable IP provides an extra level of confidence for safety-critical systems. For more information, please contact either Zipcores or Logicircuit to discuss your requirements in full.

DO-254 certified IP Cores from Zipcores
Jun 10, 2014
HD-video development board ZIP-HDV-001...

Introducing our new HD-video development platform based on a low-cost Xilinx® Spartan-6 FPGA. Supporting a wide range of digital and analog video formats, the board features up to 6 video inputs and 4 video outputs and is ideal for multi-window, tiled and picture-in-picture style displays. In addition, we can also supplement the board with an extensive range of video IP from our library. For more information or to arrange a demo then please contact us via customer support. A full product description can be found just here.

Zipcores HD-video development board
Oct 16, 2013
DSP cores for the next generation FPGAs...

Our DSP cores have been tested with the next generation FPGA devices - including the latest 7-series FPGAs from Xilinx®. In addition, all our digital filter IP Cores are Matlab® - FDAtool compatible and offer a simple route from specification to implementation. Contact us and we'll help you get your DSP project off the ground!

DSP Matlab news from Zipcores
Apr 4, 2013
UAT receiver for ADS-B and Ground uplink messages...

Zipcores is proud to announce the development of a new DO-282B (UAT) compliant receiver for ADS-B and Ground uplink messages. ADS-B represents a global transformation in air traffic control and safety - allowing aircraft and ground stations to autonomously share position, velocity and key flight data. The baseband receiver design was developed for a low-cost Altera® Cyclone III FPGA and was implemented using a range of custom and standard parts from our IP library.

UAT ADS-B receiver from Zipcores
Oct 4, 2012
Our image processing solutions...

Introducing our new Bayer to RGB converter core for image sensors. Our IP core uses a spatial filter with adaptive edge detection to interpolate the pixels from the CFA. The output is full resolution RGB at 24-bits per pixel. Other image processing IP cores available include: median filtering, gamma correction, colour and white balance adjustment. If you are looking for an image processing solution for FPGA or ASIC then please contact one of our Engineers to discuss your requirements in full.

Bayer-to-RGB converter IP Core from Zipcores
May 29, 2012
LVDS (SERDES) solutions continue to push the barrier...

Our LVDS (SERDES) serial transceiver solutions continue to prove their worth. LVDS offers fantastic serial data bandwidth on even the most basic FPGA devices - whether your chosen platform is Xilinx®, Altera® or Lattice®. Our LVDS transceivers can be adapted to a wide range of protocols such as FPD-link, Channel-link or MIPI. We can also develop fully custom LVDS interfaces to suit your application. Talk to one of our experienced Engineers and we can get your high-speed serial interface running in a matter of days.

LVDS SERDES IP Cores from Zipcores
Mar 9, 2012
Packet-based Radio Links for FPGA...

If you're looking for a simple wireless or cable-based radio link for FPGA or ASIC then look no further! We can provide a range of flexible solutions at bitrates of up to 10 Mbits/s using either PSK or FSK modulation schemes. Our solutions are ideal for the transmission of digital video, digital audio or any general purpose packet or frame based data.

FPGA radio link from Zipcores