N-channel Multiplexed FIR Filter

N-channel Multiplexed FIR Filter
Simplified multiplexed-FIR filter architecture Matlab compatible VHDL IP Core
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General Description

Multi-channel FIR filter permits any number of inputs to be multiplexed into the same filter architecture. Much cheaper than using multiple FIR filter designs in parallel. Ideal for filtering dual-channel inputs such as complexed valued I/Q.

Key Design Features

- Systolic array for speed and scalability
- Up to 8 independent channels (more on request)
- Resources shared between all channels
- Configurable coefficients for each channel
- Configurable data width
- Configurable number of taps
- Symmetric arithmetic rounding
- Output saturation or wrap modes
- Much cheaper than using multiple FIR filters in parallel
- FPGA sample rates in excess of 550 MHz
- Matlab®, FDAtool and Simulink® compatible


- High-speed filtering applications
- Efficient multi-channel filter designs
- Dual-channel inputs e.g. complex I/Q
- Parallel DSP architectures

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N-channel multiplexed FIR Filter

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