Digital Video Processing

IP Cores for Digital Video and Digital Video Processing applications
Digital Video Scaler
Digital video up/down scaler accepts RGB or YCbCr 444 video and permits independent horizontal and vertical scaling to generate any desired resolution or aspect ratio. Uses a 5x5 FIR polyphase filter with 16 phases to generate a studio-quality interpolated output. Supports 4K video and above. No...
Bilinear Video Scaler
Bilinear video scaler with same functionality as the high-quality digital video scaler. Exception is that bilinear interpolation is used in the x and y dimensions in order to save area and reduce the number of multipliers and block RAMs. Ideal for smaller FPGA devices and lower cost applications.
Motion-adaptive Video Deinterlacer
Studio-quality video deinterlacer. Converts all interlaced digital video formats to high-res progressive versions. Choice of three deinterlacing modes including weave, interpolate and full motion-adaptive. Features a simple generic memory interface for buffering odd and even fields.
Multi-format Video Deinterlacer
High-performance video deinterlacer. Converts all interlaced digital video formats such as 480i, 576i and HD1080i to high-res progressive versions. Generates quality video without combing or tearing. Proprietary algorithm gives sharp edges with reduced softening. No frame buffer required.
Video Interlacer
Easy to use video interlacer IP Core converts all digital progressive video formats to interlaced equivalents. The design is fully programmable, allowing any input video resolution to be supported. Video frames are converted to into sequential odd and even interlaced fields.
Digital Video Overlay Module
Video overlay module permits multiple video streams to be multiplexed together to give a single video output. Supports any number of input video streams at any input resolution or aspect ratio. Features programmable video overlay position, transparency and various blending operations.
2D Graphics Overlay Module
Insert 2D-bitmap graphics over 24-bit RGB video. Similar to the text-overlay module with modified functionality suited to more graphics intensive work. Supports fully alpha-blended bitmaps with 3-bits/pixel and a programmable palette of 8 colours. Easy uP interfacing with I2C, SPI or UART options.
Text Overlay Module
Insert text over 24-bit RGB video. Characters written to an internal buffer map directly to the display. Features 3 font sizes, user defined character bitmaps, 8-bit transparency, text animation, text highlighting, programmable colours. Easy uP interfacing with I2C, SPI or UART options.
Bayer to RGB Converter
Bayer-to-RGB converter interpolates the bayer pattern from a digital image sensor. Generates an output image at full 24-bit RGB resolution. Features an adaptive 5x5 polyphase filter to reduce jagged edges and zipping artifacts. Ideal for the first stage of an image processing pipeline.
Video Frame Buffer
Video Frame buffer permits any type of video source to be buffered in an external memory. Features a generic memory interface suitable for all memory types including SDRAM, DDR2, DDR3 etc. Ideal for adapting to different pixel rates and frame rates. Scalable architecture.
Video Timing Generator
Signal timing generator for high-resolution video and graphics applications. Module accepts RGB pixels and generates syncs, enable and blanking information for direct connection to a video DAC or DVI/HDMI transmitter. Ideal for all types of digital and analogue video displays.
Video Test Pattern Generator
Pattern generator for video testing and prototyping. Wide range of test patterns in colour, greyscale and monochrome. Test patterns are configurable, allowing for different width bars, squares and line spacing. Includes animated 'bouncing ball' test pattern to detect movement artifacts.
Colour-Space  Converter
Converts 24-bit RGB to 30-bit YCbCr in 4:4:4 format and vice-versa. Features a fully pipelined design with simple flow-control and 1 x pixel/clock output.
Chroma Resampler
Converts pixels in the YCbCr colour-space from 30-bit 4:4:4 format to 20-bit 4:2:2 and vice-versa. Features a fully pipelined design with simple flow-control and 1 x pixel/clock output.
BT656 Decoder with Colour-Space Converter
Converts a standard ITU-R BT.656 format stream to 24-bit RGB digital video. Generates pixels, syncs, flags and data valid for input to your video pipeline. Includes integrated YCbCr to RGB colour-space converter. Compatible with a wide range of video decoder ICs.
BT656 Encoder with Colour-Space Converter
Encodes a 24-bit RGB digital video signal into a standard ITU-R BT.656 format stream. Includes an integrated RGB to YCbCr colour-space converter. Ideal for Standard definition video projects. Compatible with a wide range of video encoder ICs.
BT656 Test Pattern Generator
Versatile test pattern generator capable of producing a range of test patterns in standard ITU-R BT.656 format. The module is ideal for use in the prototyping stages of digital video systems or as a known good BT.656 video source.